You Spent How Much?? on What???

After I refinished the deck putting our patio set with the worn, nasty cushions on there did not bode well with me.  On Facebook in March I had asked if anyone knew where to find cushions inexpensively.  I went to every store under the sun and every store online.  With as many cushions as I needed it would have cost me more money in cushions then the whole set cost me three years ago.  So I just put it out of my mind figuring I would suck it up and in the winter I would sew new cushion covers with some outdoor fabric that I would hopefully find on clearance.

But with all the time and effort we put into refinishing our deck I just HAD to have new cushions. It seem sacrireligious to have the ripped and worn cushions on our beautiful deck.  I went to Lowes, Home Depot, Garden Ridge and Old Time Pottery and couldn’t find anything I liked.  Plus my cushions were oversized so even the ones I liked wouldn’t work.  So I ended up at Wal-mart and got some Better Homes & Gardens outdoor deep-seat cushions.  They were 20% off.  I ended up going to three stores to get all the ones I needed.


I spent $335! On cushions for goodness sake!  The whole set itself cost me $425.  I am still appalled by how much I had to spend.  I am not saying the people who painstakingly made these cushions do not deserve to be paid well, because believe me, cushions are terrible to sew.  I just can’t believe I spent $335.  My husband finally convinced me to just buy them after I spent about 10 hours looking for a great deal which was never to be had.


Plus since my cushions were oversized they are still not a perfect fit.  So this post it supposed to be cathartic for me.  I spent $335 on cushions, but it looks nice and it is over with, right?  Does anyone feel my pain?

P.S.  Before you tell me this area looks unfinished – I know that. Outdoor décor coming soon!

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