You Inspire Me!

Hey guys! Well I did it…I ran my first 5 miles yesterday! There is something about 5 miles that seems like, “WHOA NELLY I JUST ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING HUUUUGE!” It is really my friend Lisa’s fault. My friend Amy was having a garage sale preview. So Lisa and I were going together and I told her, “Ok Lis I have to run 4 miles today. I will start running towards the yard sale and you pick me up in like 35 minutes.” Well Lisa was running late. After 4 miles I was feeling kind of good so I kept going. I ran 5 miles in 47:20. Whoop! Whoop! And thank you to Lisa who was running late.

Anyway onto this week’s inspiration feature. Candace from The Duce Scoop made a hooded towel from my tutorial. Look at her baby girl all wrapped in it. OH.MY.YUMMINESS! Go tell Candace hi and what a fab job she did.

Guess who inspired me this week? The Thrifty Decor Chick. But she inspires us all, doesn’t she? Back in March she posted how she bought an art caddy at Goodwill and transformed it. I read her post and said, “Hmmm I have one of those.”

My father-in-love made Isaac this tool box and brought it with him in February when I invited him to do a bunch of projects for me come visit us.

I loved the shape of it and of course the best part was that HE made it. Although, it was a little heavy for Isaac to lug around. He would way rather pull his cloth Target bin around with all his tools in it.

So I had to hand paint it with primer…DREAD…because I ran out of spray primer. I figured by the time I haul both kids in the car, drive to the store, pay for the primer and come home I could have hand painted it with the primer I already had on hand. So frugality and laziness won out. Then I sprayed painted it with the free red spray paint my mother-in-love gave me.

After drying I Mod Podged…
just say the word…Mod Podge.
It is a fun word huh?

I had some old schoolbook paper that I Mod Podged onto the sides and front.

Then I added a dozen mason jelly jars that my grandma gave me and organized all of Isaac’s craft supplies.

My son can’t say craft all that well. So he says, “Mommy can we do craps?” My husband responds…”EXACTLY what I call it.”

I have no idea what he is talking about…smile.

I loves it. Of course I keep this out of reach from my three-year old’s little grubby, chubby hands. This is the bin we get out when he wants to “do craps” with Mommy. Smile.

Have I inspired you to tackle a project? Have you tried one of my tutorials? I would love to feature you. Please email me at