You Inspire Me!

I squealed when I saw this! My Roadkill Rescue Console TV has a twin! One of my Facebook fans JoDee found an old TV and turned hers into a console table like mine.  Didn’t she do an amazing job?  You have to click over to her Facebook album and check out the before pictures.  I LOVES IT!

162862_10150365944320436_531505435_16757719_1316456_n One of my readers Allison used the pattern from my Pigtail Fleece Hat and has been cranking them out!  Look at that cutie!dscf1821 She one upped me and added these adorable flower embellishments on the front.  LOVES!DSCF6176 IC reader Leslie was inspired by my Stuffed Animal Neck Pillow that she made a little froggie one for her little man.P6063738P6063734Now this is unbelievable… Christine from Christine & Co. was inspired by my paint chip pendants and decided to take a crack at them.  Look at these amazing creations she made with a tiny rectangle punch!




 Have you been IC inspired?  I would love to see pictures of your creations. 

You Inspire Me!

Welcome to a weekday edition of “You Inspire Me.”  I love to feature bloggers who have been IC inspired.

Claire from Bless My Nest was inspired by my stickered two tiered table.  She, like myself, was so frustrated about how to accessorize the thing that it sat dormant in her basement.  She pulled it out and inspiration struck!

Isn’t the shape beautiful as is?  What does it look like? 

Hmmmm…a flower perhaps?  I love it Claire!  So fun and now a show stopping piece that needs little on it to be decorated.

Sara from The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread saw my tutorial on how to make custom bean bags.  She used hers as a party favor for her daughter’s birthday.

Erin from Where Beauty Meets Function was inspired by my candy candy earrings and made some candy corn ornaments for a spooktacular fall centerpiece.

Kelli was inspired by my Game Board Art and retrofitted some old picture frames to work for her “The Office” game.  Awesome!  Gameboard 1And this is a game I have yet to play.  But we love “The Office” at the IC house.  I might have to check this out.Gameboard 2 Thanks ladies for sending me your links and pictures.  Have you been IC inspired?  Shoot me an email I would love to see your projects.

You Inspire Me!

Nothing gets me all sappy and lovey like one of you sending me pictures and telling me I inspired you to try a project.  If you follow me on Facebook you may have already seen this…

One of my readers Lise was inspired by my Ballard Design Acanthus Cut-Out plaque and made this…62012_475477395259_574765259_7162998_6564995_n Isn’t that phenomenal!?!?!  I am loving the tree and leaf pattern she chose.  And with the blue wall behind it….GORGEOUS!

Cherie found this curbside castaway and got her ROADKILL RESCUE SUPER SUIT ON and gave it a new look with some blue paint and a silver glaze.58278_445864459232_760724232_4840952_4946411_n I would love for you to follow me on Facebook and show us your Infarrantly Creative inspired projects.

My hubby and I leave on our annual cruise tomorrow san kiddos!  I love this reconnecting time with my man.  There is something refreshing and invigorating spending a whole week together without the responsibilities of children, work AND blogging! So we will have three awesome guest bloggers here on IC that you won’t want to miss.  I will also show up to share a couple projects as well.  Have a great week.  I will miss you…kinda 😉

You Inspire Me!

Welcome to the (long overdue) You Inspire Me Post!  Can I just tell you how excited I get when I receive an email from one of my readers saying I inspired them to try something?  I literally squeeeal!  It is like the cherry on top for a blogger.

Tim was the first person to make my Game Board Storage Art.  Yeah! He added a few things…go check it out here.

Kayleen (loves that name BTW) from This Old Chair was inspired by my puppet theater and turned this…

into this…(ROCK ON!!)

Ann Marie from Twice Lovely got this Roadkill from Freecycle..

and added a frame to the front and made a puppet show…

Live it Love it Craft it was inspired by my Anthropologie Bonheur Necklace Knock off and made her own. She spent $12 and was able to make three of them as gifts.

Heather from Felt Artistic dug way in the archives and made a Car Seat Tent from my tutorial

One of my readers named Patti was inspired by my distressed black cabinets in my kitchen and decided to try it for her sewing area.  Isn’t it awesome?

Amanda from Serenity Now made her very own gorgeous drop cloth curtains after seeing mine here.

Thank you for sharing your projects with me.  You make this blogger proud and humbled at the same time.

You Inspire Me

Thanks to all 24 of you for linking up to my Pennywise Presents party.  I expect next Friday to double the people who link up.  Come on people…GET CRAFTING!  If you missed it click here to check out all of the great Pennywise Presents.

It has been a while since I have written a “You Inspire Me” post.  There have been many of you who have emailed me and told me you made something you saw on my blog.  I am so grateful to all of those people who have tried one of my tutorials.  The very fact that I inspired you to try something is gift enough to me to write this blog.


Susan emailed me with her rendition of my puppet theater.

From this…
Nov.10,2009 Charlie jumping in leaves 003 To that…LOVES IT!puppet theatre 001
Anamaria read my post about fabric on the walls and came up with this beautiful tree…

Kelsee from Pumpkin Pie Crafts was inspired by my Bonheur Necklace and made one for herself.  She is now the belle of the ball!

 Amanda from All things Creative saw my Origami Bag vlog and decided to try it herself.  She even made ya’ll a diagram.

Michelle from Woodland Country Life made a Bake-It Forward plate from this weeks posts.  Talk about not letting a moment pass…you go girl!

And this week Stacie from The Creative Crate inspired me to make a Dry Erase Calendar out of an old frame.  Thanks Stacie!

From this….DSC05433  To That…
I spray-painted the frame black and used a permanent marker on the back of the glass to mark the lines.  I do not have a Cricut machine (so sad!) so I just wrote everything by hand with my ever-so-fabulous Chalk-Ink markers.  (See my sidebar for Chalk-Ink promo code).  I LOVES the way it turned out.

You Inspire Me

I get totally pumped when I hear from one of my readers that I have inspired them to try something out. It makes my day and blesses me.

This week Jessica was inspired by my Mr. Owl and the “fabric on the wall” tree. Using my owl as inspiration she made a fabric one for above the door in her daughter’s room.


However, she did not stop there. Look at this yumminess! I think SHE has inspired me. I want to put birds over everyday doorway in my house now!

Next up Helping Little Hands had a hutch lying in her basement and was inspired by my puppet theater and made one for her children. She used felt on the bottom instead of a chalkboard and look at the fun ideas she has used it for here and here.

Brilliance, I tell ya! Thanks ladies you made my day!

Ok I showed you a couple of weeks ago how I was inspired by The Idea Room’s adorable fabric key chains. I made a bunch of them for gifts and then I got an idea….

Over the summer I won a giveaway from Paula Prass for telling my honeymoon story. I received some of her fabric and also a belt made from her Summer Soiree line of fabrics.

IMG_0328It was totally adorable and I loved how colorful it was. However, it would never stay cinched and it drove me crazy. So I decided since it was already sewn together (similar to the way you are to sew up the fabric key chain) that I would some more. So I cut it up…sorry Paula.IMG_0330 Then I stitched the two sides together (with the purse clip on it). In Amy’s tutorials she then used ribbon and sewed it on. However, I always had a tough time sewing through all the layers. So I stitched up two sides of some fabric and hot glued it in place. Since it has stitches on it already from the above step, it appeared like I sewed it on. I know I am a cheater and I LOVES IT.



The I remembered another belt I had in my closet that I never wore that looked like a tie.

IMG_0329I cut that up and made some key chains also. The Paula Prass fabric happened to match the tie belt. It was meant to be! Thanks Amy for the original inspiration!IMG_0360 Lastly if you want to be inspired head over to The Creative Party Place to check out the mecca of party ideas, favors, invitations, cakes and tons more.

She is also hosting a giveaway this week for some cute cards.

You Inspire Me!

This week I was perusing around blogland and found Blue Cricket Designs. Her blog quickly has become one of my faves. Of course being a huge fan of tutorials I looked through all of hers and found her grocery cart caddy tutorial.

I am an avid couponer and always juggle my coupons while at the grocery store so when I saw this I had to try it. I used some Summer Soiree Paula Prass fabric that I won from her blog giveaway for telling my honeymoon story.

The only thing I did differently was that I zig-zagged stitch over the binding because I am not that great at attaching binding and it needed a little help. I love how it turned out and I am so excited to go shopping. Thanks Becca!

Carrie from This Cozy Home was inspired by my tutorial on the Happy Meal Toy Wreath. She even “one upped me” by gluing on an initial of her boys on it. Adorable!

Lisa from It’s My Life was inspired by my paper bead project and made some of her own. Beautiful choice of colors Lisa!

Loralyn from Mother Earth was inspired by my spray painted desk and revamped one herself. Look at how gorgeous! Clean, crisp and white.


Thank you ladies for sending me your projects! It pumps me up to know I have inspired you.

Have you tried one of my tutorials? Have I inspired you? Let me know I would love to feature you!

You Inspire Me!

This week’s “You Inspire Me” post is from The Idea Room. Have you been there? She has quickly become one of my daily stops. She has stinkin’ cute kids, takes amazing pictures, posts awesome tutorials and crafts like a mad-woman.

I found her when she posted about the diapey wipe case that she made from my tutorial.

Since then she inspired me to make some fabric key fobs. I am still working on embroidering them…I can’t quite get it straight. The tutorial is well-written and they take like 20 minutes. Plus it takes a tiny bit of fabric so I can use my trash stash. They cost me under $1. I think they will make some nice Christmas gifts for Sunday school teachers.

If you are not interested in making them yourself or you don’t own a sewing machine you can buy one on her blog for $7. I think they are reasonably priced and a fun novelty gift to give to someone.

You Inspire Me!

Do you know how much it pumps me up when I get an email or a blog comment saying I inspired you? I LOVESSSSSS IT!

Once a week I will feature projects from you my readers that you have done that have been Infarrantly Creative inspired. In the same way, I will highlight someone who has inspired me. So if you have tried your hand at one of my projects or one of my posts inspired you to do something email me at I would love to feature you.

Naptime Crafts tried her hand at the Cotton Ball Bracelet. And doesn’t she have pretty nails? I am sure they are real…grrrr! How can a crafter have such long, purdy nails?

And Sarah over at The Byrd Nest was inspired by my clock makeover and lookie what she did!

My inspiration for the week is Katie from Clean and Classic Interiors. She posted about how she loves flowers by her sink.

I have to admit it makes me happy seeing mine in the morning. I got the cute, little, white milk glass vase for $.25 at a yard sale. Fill it with some beauties and it sure makes me smile.