Word of the Year: Intentional

For the last few years I have a claimed a word as my “word of the year”.   It is a word that becomes my mantra and the light I filter every decision through.   It is also a word that usually encompasses something I suck at and need to improve on…{giggle}!

In 2010 my word was “Together”.   See I liked to be a lone ship, a self-made woman, in control of my destiny, etc.   What I learned was that God never intended life to be lived that way.   He wants us in community with others – caring, loving, working through conflict, and relying on one another.   That same truth also applies in blogging.   So in 2010 I did just that, I linked arms with like-minded women in my personal life and also in my professional (blogging) life.   In the end, I was stronger and better because of the women I surrounded myself with.


Last year my word was “Balance.”   I worked my butt of on my blog in 2010 — to the detriment of my family, marriage and health.   I knew I had to make some changes to find stability and longevity in working and being a mom, wife and child of God.   So I set work hours, I lost 20 pounds, had consistent date night, and I was more intentional about my time with my family.justice scale

So 2012 my word is “intentional”.   Intentional is an adjective which means “done with intention or on purpose; intended.”   I want to live life on purpose this year, how about you!?!?

be intentional[4]


I want to be intentional with my family — My husband and I want to create one meaningful experience with our kids each month.   It will be something that we plan and don’t just let happen.   We want to be intentional about making memories, teaching them values, and having fun together.

I want to be intentional in my relationships — I have done a really crappy job this year with creating the space for time with my girlfriends.   I think when you are a mom of little ones, a devoted wife and a blogger there isn’t much space for anything else.   I have missed that girl dynamic in my life and I am choosing to be intentional with cultivating those relationships that push, strengthen and stretch me.

I want to be intentional with my health — This past year I lost twenty pounds and I want to keep it off.   I am sick of being the human yo-yo with my weight. I want to be intentional about what I put in my mouth and the amount of time I spend exercising. I also want to run a 10K and a 15K this year.

I want to be intentional in my blogging — I want to use my platform to speak to issues that are close to my heart, mentor young bloggers, and inspire women to create.   I also want to be intentional with my work hours setting a plan of action so that I can use my time wisely and efficiently.

This word is going to challenge this “Fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants” kinda girl.   I love to be last minute, go with the flow and despise mapping out my days.   But I also realize to be effective and leave my mark on this world I need to be intentional about doing that.

What is your word this year?

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