Wooden Lap Desk–{Roadkill Rescue}

I have kind of become known among my friends as the girl who loves trash.  I get random texts, emails, and phone calls that say “Hey I was driving and I saw {insert random object} on the side of the road and thought of you.”  My response?  I LOVE IT!  So when my friend brought these two end tables destined for his curb into work for my hubby to give to me I was flattered.  I love the thought that people think “Oh Beckie can make something cool out of this.”  So I took the two end tables and turned the tops into two wooden lap desks for my kids.



Fine grit sandpaper

spray primer

Spray Paint ( I used Emerald Green and Ballet Slipper from Krylon)

Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape


Vinyl stickers or scrapbook letters

Stick pin or tweezers

Here is the piece before I started the process.  It was in great shape but I didn’t have any need for any end tables in my house.  However, it was solid wood and I knew I could repurpose it for a use in our house.

wooden lap desk (5)

1.  I started out turning the end table on its side and hand sawing the top off, (no power tools required!).

wooden lap desk (19)

wooden lap desk (16)

2.  Next I sanded the whole piece down with a fine grit sandpaper and then wiped it clean.  Then I spray primed the entire piece and lightly sanded it when it was dry to smooth out the surface.

3.  Then I spray painted the piece upside down painting everything except the top.

4.  Next I used blue painter’s tape to create a border around the edge carefully measuring it and then added the names of my children with a vinyl stencil that I created using my Silhouette machine. (Laura from Say it on the Wall can create a vinyl stencil name for you if you don’t have a Silhouette machine).


5.  Then I sprayed the top covering the tape and the vinyl name with Krylon’s Emerald Gloss spray paint.  I ran inside WHILE THE PAINT WAS STILL WET and gently peeled back the tape and vinyl letters.  A stick pin or tweezers works well for this.  The key to smooth lines is removing your tape/stencils while it is still very wet.




Isn’t it funny how you have a purpose for things and your children always use it for something else.


If you want to watch me do this project in living color I showcased it on my local lifestyle show called Indy Style below.