Weathered Wood Monogram

We are almost done with Denise’s living room as part of Operation Restoration: Home Edition. I am hoping for a living room reveal this week {fingers crossed}. Next we are moving onto her pre-teen daughter’s room.  We are going for a beachy surfer girl room.  I am already using this surfer girl printable as art for her room and today I am making a monogram out of some old fence posts.  This is such a great budget friendly way to make custom art.



Fence posts or old pallet wood

Miter saw

Kreg Jig with screws





Letter template


Gorilla Wood Glue


2 screws for hangar


1.  Take your old fence pickets or pallet wood and cut them to the size you want.  I varied my lengths.pallet_wood_monogram

2.  Paint your fence pickets.  I had some samples of CeCe Caldwell paint (Pittsburgh Gray, Carolina Sun Yellow and Memphis Blue) and decided to give it a whirl again.  I just gave it one coat. I loved how the paint distressed when sanded showing the gray weathered wood through.  I used a sanding sponge to distress over the paint.


3.  Drill pocket holes with your Kreg Jig into the backside and connect all of your boards with pocket hole screws being careful to not screw into where you will be cutting your letter from.

4.  Find a font you like and print out your letter.  Mine was large so I had to tape two pieces of paper together to form my template.  Trace it onto your fence boards.


5.  Using an electric drill bore holes into the letter to create a starting point for the jigsaw.  Slowly cut out your letter.


6.  You will lose some of the wood when you cut it out.  Just glue that in place with wood glue and then clamp it until dry.


7.  Touch up paint the insides where you cut with the coordinating color of paint.


8.  Use wire and 2 screws to create a hangar for the back.

The fun part is that whatever the color of your wall is that will show through the letter giving it a fourth color.



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