Winter Woodland Basket with Lights

I am a big fan of not decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving.  So while no tree or stocking is up at our house I do have this little winter woodland basket up.  Since it has neutral tones to it I wouldn’t consider it Christmas at all.  Actually you can get away with keeping this out through February.  Plus it is really simple and uses natural elements from outdoors.  You can also opt to paint the ornaments a different color for each season and keep it up year round as long as you refresh the evergreens with new ones or some other branch.



Krylon Spray Paint (I used Gloss White, Glacier, Pewter Gray, Aqua and Deep Gray)

Basket (I got mine at Goodwill for $4)


50 count light set

newspaper for filler

pine cones

wired linen ribbon

wire for adhering the ribbon

Scotch Blue Tape with Film

1.  To spray paint the basket just tape it off.  I like using Scotch Blue tape with film on it to make it easier to cover the part I am not painting.  Spray and then let it dry and then retape and spray on a different color.  I used Gloss White and Pewter Gray.




2.  Spray a few ornaments a complimentary color palette.  I chose Krylon’s Deep Gray, Aqua, and Glacier.




3.  Let everything dry and add the firewood to the basket.  Add a brick or two if you want to add more weight to the bottom.


4.  Use newspaper or tissue paper as filler.  Next add evergreen clippings.  I got some from my backyard.


5.  Follow that up with adding lights.  I just tucked the cord between the firewood but you could drill a hole into the basket if you would rather.


6.  Next add the painted ball ornaments.

lighted-winter-basket (2)

7.  Lastly tuck in some pinecones.


8.  Create a bow out of wired neutral linen ribbon.  Use some wire to twist it onto the basket.



I added mine next to my fireplace.  It will look really pretty with my stockings when those get hung…after Thanksgiving 😉




Lit up at night it looks so pretty.

lighted-winter-basket (3)

This post was sponsored by Krylon.