Wine Gift Bag

So I am no wine connoisseur.  In fact I haven’t found a wine I like.  But maybe my taste buds will develop beyond a 5-year old one day and I won’t be so picky and I might enjoy a glass.  However, I have friends and family who love going to wine tastings and trying different kinds of wine.  To them it is a hobby. So today I made a glittered double wine gift bag perfect for giving to a wine-loving individual on your Christmas list.



Canvas Tote 

Sewing Machine and thread

Tulip Shimmer Sheets



Silhouette Cameo machine

Wine Words File

If you are considering purchasing a Silhouette machine now is the time.  It is the best deals of the year.  Use the code IHEARTIC for deep savings.


A couple of years ago, Uncommon Goods had a double wine totes for $22.  Knowing how inexpensive canvas totes are I knew this would be a great way to present wine. I used the Tulip Shimmer Sheets and my Cameo machine to cut out the glittered wine bottle shapes and then ironed them onto the double tote.


1. First I measured the middle of my canvas bag and sewed a line down the middle of it (see photo below) ending right before where the bottom lies flat.


2. I designed wine bottles with “wine words” in them in my Silhouette studio program (font: Accord SF).


3.  Then I took a Tulip Shimmer Sheet and burnished it to the Silhouette carrier sheet.  I changed my setting to a speed of 6, thickness to 33 and a blade depth to 7 with a double cut.  My Silhouette machine cut this like butter.

4.  I peeled the letters and excess Tulip Shimmer Sheet away and was left with my sparkly wine bottle image.  I cut out “Chablis, Riesling, Merlot and Moscato but you could use any words you want.  I cut two bottles onto one of the glittered sheets.wine_bottle_silhouettes

5.  I set the cut out shimmer sheet onto the front of my canvas tote and put a press cloth over the top and ironed it for 40 seconds.  Then I ironed on the little pieces like the middle of the o’s, a’s and b’s.  I ironed on 4 total wine bottles, 2 on the front and 2 on the back.


6.  Add two bottles of wine and you have a great gift for the wine connoisseur on your list.

Tip: This would make a great wedding gift, instead of wine names you can put the couple’s name on it.




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And a wood grain pillow with our initials on it.

wood grain initials decorative pillows