Why I Am Truncating My Feed

I am really hating to have to do this.  I know some of you are going to be ticked, and others of you will unfollow me and stop reading altogether.  I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.  But my hand has been forced and I can no longer can stop it.  The world of blogging has evolved so much that there is now software available for people to use our entire posts on their site all under the guises of “the best of the best.”



This week I found my entire blog on three other aggregator sites.  What is an aggregated site? Well in my opinion – a vicious way to make money by stealing other people’s entire content.  Usually these are highly popular sites because they steal the best of the best and showcase it all in one place. I have fought them hard in the past.  I reported some to Google, wrote emails asking my feed to be removed, etc.  It is just becoming rampant.  I spent 6 hours this week trying to get my content (that I worked my behind off) off other people’s sites.

What is worse is that my other two sites Roadkill Rescue and Knock Off Décor have been scraped too.  I got three emails this week from upset people that I have featured when they realized that their content went viral on Pinterest only for the pin to go back to the wicked site, which didn’t even take them back to my site or theirs.

Not only do I need to protect my content but I have to protect the people I feature.  I have two feature sites with the goal of showcasing other people’s talent and I can’t have that content scraped or it devalues what I do as well as what you do.

So what does this mean for you?  As of tomorrow, this means that the only way you can read my posts is to come directly through to my url.  If you read me on Google Reader you will have to click through to read it.  If you subscribe via email you will have to click on that link to see the entire post.

So I hope you understand and will consider coming to my site each day. Yes it is inconvenient. Yes it is a few more clicks. Yes it sucks.

Thank you for those who will stick with me.  You continued support means the world to me. I hope my content is inspiring enough that you will make this change with me.