What Every Blogger Wants You to Know…Part 2

If you missed my first post in this series click here to read “What Every Blogger Wants You to Know Part 1”. Okay my next topic that all bloggers wish you knew but don’t want to to tell you is about how YOU read our blogs.  Now it isn’t that we don’t want you to know, in fact we very much want you to be aware of this!  We just don’t want our readers, who we love, to feel guilted into doing things our way or leave our blogs because they don’t like the way we require them to read our blogs.


So here’s my little disclaimer before I start: I am grateful you come to my site, whether you read it via email, Google reader, Networked Blogs, Blog Lovin, on your iphone or whether you come directly to my site.  My goal when I started blogging was always just to inspire people to DIY and to feel that empowerment when you can say “I made that.”  So the fact that you read my blog and I get to inspire you at all rocks my world.


In case you weren’t aware – although the modern convenience that is provided to you through a blog reader (like Google Reader) or a blog aggregate service is nice, -  I never get “credit” for you actually reading my blog. In other words, if you don’t somehow click directly over to my site that does not count as a “pageview”.

Why are pageviews important?

As most of you know I have advertising on my site.  It does pay me each month to have those ads on my site.  Those ads have become part of my income (as other monetization strategies).  So therefore, when you read my blog via another other way then directly going to my site I don’t get paid for that.

So looking at my stats (because I am a number nerd!) I have roughly 13,500 subscribers.  And I have a 3,321 reach.  What means is that out of all of my subscribers only 3,321 actually clicked onto my page. So for arguments sake lets say all of my subscribers actually clicked on my site each day rather than reading it through a reader.  I would make 4 times the amount I make each month!  Shocking and depressing all at the same time, I know.

feed stats dashboard


So how can you change that but still use your modern convenience?  Well I will specifically talk to those of you on Google Reader since that is the largest blog reader out there.  Look on the left sidebar and click on “All Items”. You’ll get the arrow and date that way to the right of your screen (see yellow arrow). There is an arrow icon next to the date on your reader dashboard.  If every time you read a blog you love you click on that button we get your “pageview.”

Google reader

If you read blogs via email subscription then just click on the title of our post to be taken directly to our site.

Yes I realize it is an extra step but it is also a way you can say “thank you.”  We don’t charge you for our ideas, we give them freely because we love what we do. But we also appreciate your support in the ways that you can give back to us too.

So there you have it…I didn’t want to tell you…but I wanted you to know. Winking smile