What Every Blogger Wants You to Know…

but doesn’t want to tell you.

I have been debating for months on starting a new series.   After my blogging story I wanted to begin a series regarding the truth behind it all. I get asked questions often about blogging probably because I wrote out my story for all read.   So I have entitled this series “What every blogger wants you to know, but doesn’t want to tell you.”   I have no idea how long this series will be but I am guessing about 5-7 installments.


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Now there are a lot of reasons why we don’t want to tell you these things. It isn’t necessarily that we are trying to keep anything from you.   Here are a few reasons I thought of…

1. It is just too personal

2.   We think you already know it

3.   We don’t want to admit it.

4.   We don’t want to offend you

5.   We don’t want to beg you.

So I am here to dish it out in the best way I know how.   I will start with the fluffiest and easiest one first!

#1 We don’t want to tell you but…

we think of you!

With affection: I think I can speak for every blogger when I say we love you.   We love our readers and we think you are the best!   We are in awe that people actually want to hear what we have to say.   We don’t say thank you enough because if we said it every time we felt it we would begin every post with “Oh my gosh you came back again, THANK YOU, you are so awesome and I am so grateful for you.”   We don’t want to gush and appear disingenuous but we want to tell you way more often than we do.

When we do projects: Every time I do a project I think about if YOU will like it, now mind you I make it because I like it, but no doubt about it, I want you to like it too.   I think about the easiest way to explain it to you.   I wonder if you will be inspired or think I am crazy.   I think about if anyone else will attempt this on his/or her own.

When we advertise a product: I think about you. Will you like this product or am I just seeing dollar signs? I often get nervous when I get the opportunity to receive something lavish, how will that make you feel? There is a fine line that bloggers who receive some form of compensation walk when advertising for a company.   I want everything I say to be genuine and honest and I want you to believe me when I say I love a product that is why I only try to do one sponsored post / giveaway a week. Many bloggers will tell you they turn down about 90% of the advertising offers down because we want to represent our brand well and because WE THINK OF YOU when every offer comes in our email.

Yes, we do, we think about you, a lot more often than we say or care to admit.   grateful