Weight Loss Accountability Tools

My name is Beckie and I am a yo-yo dieter.  Now there are a lot of things I would love to change about myself.  At the top of the list has got to be my love/hate relationship with food. Ever since I hit my mid twenties I have either been dieting or gaining.  Throw in two babies in the mix and it has been a BATTLE!  I have been working hard in 2013 to get down to my goal weight of 150 (I am 5’ 8” with a medium build). 


On December 31st I stepped on the scale and hit my goal!  BOOOYA – 30 lbs down – and a selfie to prove it! HA! 


Now as impressive as that may sound I can diet with the best of the them.  I can be crazy disciplined for a time to get the weight off.  What I have never been able to do is to maintain.  So I am on a mission to figure out how to maintain my weight and not pack on the pounds again.  So I want to share with you the accountabilities I have placed in my life.

1.  Fitbit One

fit bit one

I shared this in my favorite things post about a month ago.  I love this thing.  It track my steps, stairs climbed and my calories burned each day.  It also helps keep track of sleep too, although I don’t use this feature.  The nice part about it is that I can look at the Fitbit One mid day and see how many steps (or lack thereof) I have done and make sure I am staying active throughout the day.  My goal is 10,000 steps a day – which is roughly 5 miles.  You can also connect with other friends to encourage or compete with them – whichever motivates you.  I like the Fitbit One because I can wear it on my bra in between the girls.  I don’t like wearing a watch so this works best for me – but if you want to wear a watch the Fitbit Flex or Fitbit Force will be better for you.  Plus it syncs up to My Fitness Pal.

Fit Bit username: infarrantlycreative@gmail.com

2.  My Fitness Pal


This is a free app on your phone where you can keep track of your calories each day.  If you don’t have a smart phone you can also use it online. My Fitness Pal syncs up my Fit Bit and will automatically adjust my calories burned.  However, you do have to know what time you exercised in order to make sure you don’t double count your exercise with the Fit Bit’s calories adjustment. Again, you can connect with friends and encourage one another along the way.

MFP username: beckientim

3.  Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor


I got this for Christmas.  Since I hit my goal weight it is even more important to know as close as possible how much I am burning each day when I exercise.  With the Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor you put the chest strap under your bra and it measures your heart rate.  That information is sent to the watch you wear during exercise.  It also dings to know when you are not in your target zone, which helps keep me motivated to keep up the intensities of my workouts.  Many times when I go for a run my treadmill will say I burned 500 calories and my Polar Ft4 says 415.  Many times that difference of calories makes a huge difference.

4.  Accountability Partner

While I am connected with many of my friends via Fit Bit and My Fitness Pal (connect with me – I am a great cheerleader!). I have one friend where we actually take pictures of our scale each time we step on and send it to one another.  She has been a blessing to me – encouraging me along the way when I am slacking and rejoicing with me when I have a victory.  And she isn’t weirded out when I send her pictures of me in my bra and underwear because I am proud of myself.  HA!  Plus I can text her when I am struggling or temptation is killing me.  I would highly recommend finding someone like that for you.


This is something my husband and I came up with.  Unfortunately my husband is like me and he is a yo-yo’er too.  So he came up with the CHART.  In our bathroom we have our names and dates on a spreadsheet poster and we “weigh-in” a certain day of the week and write it on our list.  We are hoping this creates the self-motivation not to let ourselves go because the number is right there in front of us and both of us can see it.

Now this is just what is working for me.  You may not look at a scale but rather measure body fat or simply measure yourself by slipping into that pair of jeans.  I just know for me I need tangible numbers to stay motivated.  I am writing this post to give you guys some tangible resources but more importantly, as an accountability to me.  I have never talked about my up and down on the scale before on the blog.  I am hoping acknowledging it will be another layer of accountability in my life.

Here is to weighing the same (or less 😉 at this time in 2015!

P.S.  This post contains my Amazon affiliate link.  Should any of you preciouses decide to spend your Christmas money on any of these gems I will get a small kick back.  Thank you very much!