Wash Your Hands Wall Art

After a few devastating attempts at glass etching I remembered I had some frosted Silhouette vinyl that would work for my glass etched wall art for my bathroom.   I am usually not over the top with washing hands.   But since that nasty stomach bug left our house I have been a bit more intentional.   I decided to have yet another reminder in our bathroom to wash your hands.   Plus I just thought it was so darn cute.

wash your hands 2

My original inspiration came from Land of Nod’s Wash Your Hands Wall Art which retails for $89.   I didn’t want it as cutesy for my downstairs bathroom so I thought a glass etched look would kick up the elegance factor a little bit.

land of nod wash your hands wall art

Using my Silhouette Studio program I designed the wording and then I flipped it horizontally so I could cut out the letters and place them on my glass backwards.   That way they would show through the glass but it would be easier to clean. So the Silhouette cut out the letters and then I used my tweezers to remove the letters.

wash your hands wall art (2)What was left was the frosted vinyl outline.   Then using transfer paper I transferred it to my clean glass and pressed out the air bubbles.

wash your hands wall art (1)

Then I sprayed an old 8” x 10” garage sale frame with some black Krylon spray paint and popped the glass in.



wash your hands

I still want to add one more thing to the shelf.   I like to decorate in odd numbers, I just like the way it looks.   But I love the simplicity of this bathroom décor.

P.S.   I will try my hand again at using the   glass etching cream   Apparently reading the directions is a requirement for having satisfactory results…who knew?

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