Wall Mount Ironing Board For Cheap!

The chore of ironing, in my book, is a torturous one.  I purposely buy clothes that don’t need ironing.  A little spin in a hot dryer and I call my clothes ironed.  However, if one sews, which I occasionally like to pretend that I am good at, an iron is essential.  So when I was planning out my craft studio space I knew I needed an iron somewhere.  I had limited wall space (and budget!) so I had to get creative on where to position my iron.


I thought about getting one of those inside the wall mounted drop-down ironing board cabinets that you see advertised on T.V.  However the cheapest I could find was $175 and on upwards to $415.  So I found an alternative!


Over the Door Ironing board (under $20 at Target)

1/2” plastic spacers

3” screws for studs or heavy duty drywall anchors


Metal Bit

1.  With the correct size bit (depending on the size of your screw) drill four holes through the metal frame.  You can do more if you want but 4 works fine for me.  I drilled two at the top and two in the bottom sides.



2.  Thread the screw through the drilled hole and ironing board and into a 1/2” plastic spacer.  Then screw it into your wall.  If you can line it up near a stud – great!  If not, get some heavy duty drywall anchors.



The spacers give it just enough room to be able to press the release lever on the side and let the iron down without scraping your wall.  The best part is that it only sticks out of your wall 1 1/2” inches.  This is totally doable in a closet, small hallway, laundry room or CRAFT STUDIO!



What, you say? Oh you don’t want to be able to see it? You want it hidden? Hmmmm….well…okay.

Click here to see the shelf with hidden door