Vintage Sheet to Sweet Skirt

About a month ago I went to something I have never been to before.  An real live auction.  You know the type you have seen on TV where the auctioneer talks a million miles a minute?  It was quite the thrill.  I ended up scoring this nasty hamper for $1 because the auctioneer didn’t open it up and show everyone what was inside. It housed about two dozen vintage sheets! SCORE!  You should have seen the raised eyebrows when I got the bid. While they certainly smelled vintage it wasn’t anything my washing machine couldn’t handle.

One of the sheets, (or maybe it was a curtain who knows) had this cute little ruffle at the bottom.  I thought it would make a charming summer skirt for my 4 year-old daughter.  She loves wearing skirts and I have quite a few of them in the past.

vintage sheeet skirt

vintage sheet with ruffle

1.  I measured my daughter’s waist at 19” so I cut the width double that to 38”.  Then I just guesstimated on the length and cut out a rectangle of fabric (you could use another skirt as a guide for the length).

vintage sheet skirt with ruffle

2.  I folded the right side edges together and then cut an angle so that it wouldn’t look boxy but would have more of an A-line shape to it.

3.  I pinned it and then sewed the edge together.

how to make a skirt with a ruffled bottom

4.  Next I folded the waist under 1/4” and then under 1 1/2” since my elastic was 1”.  Then I sewed that down leaving a small opening to wiggle my elastic into.

making a skirt out of a sheet

5.  Then I sewed the elastic ends together and then tucked everything in place and sewed the opening shut.

making a skirt

In 20 minutes I had an adorable summer skirt.  Plus I have a heck of a lot of sheet left.  Maybe momma needs a matching one, what do you think?  Vintage sheets are easy to find at thrift stores, yard sales and Goodwill.  It is a lot of fabric for very little money.

girl skirt tutorial

how to make an easy a line skirt

little girl skirt

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