Valentines Day Outfit

I received the Happy Hearts Fat Quarter stack from the girls at Adorn-It! Their new Happy Hearts line is perfect for Valentine’s day crafting.   I decided to take their fat quarter stack and make some skirts for Kayla.   This is a very simple beginner’s project that used two fat quarters and can be made year round if you just add some leggings underneath it in cooler weather. It takes about 30 minutes to make and about an hour to photograph your daughter…GAH! If your daughter is anything like my three year old she loves princesses, dolls and twirly skirts.


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fat quarter skirt


Sewing machine

coordinating thread

cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter



2 fat quarters (18” x 22”)


safety pin

iron and ironing board

1.   Cut your main fabric (the top half of your skirt) in half lengthwise.   You should have two strips approximately 9” x 22”. Next I cut two more strips from a coordinating fabric 4.5” – 9” (depending on length) x 22”.

fat quarter skirt 3

2.   With right sides together sew the main fabric to the coordinating strip making sure that if you are working with a directional fabric that it is facing the correct way.   Repeat for the second set.   Press open the seams.


3. With right sides together pin the sides and sew.   Press those seems flat.

toddler skirt

4. Press the bottom under 1/4” and then fold the coordinating strip in half.   Sew around the edge where the folded fabric meets the seam.   This will create a nice folded band around the bottom of the skirt and also gives it a little more weight to lay nicely.

fat quarter skirt tutorial

5.   Press the top under 1/4” and then fold it over one more time to make a casing to accommodate the elastic.   Measure the waist of the little girl wearing it and then subtract 1” and cut your elastic to that size. Pin and sew around leaving a 2” opening.


6.   Using a safety pin thread the elastic through meeting it on the other side.   Pin and sew together.   Then sew your opening closed.

easy beginner girl's skirt

happy hearts skirts

toddler girl skirt

easy skirt pattern

fat quarter skirts 4

(Left to right: Love Word Play with Simple Dots Hot Pink, Love Birds Yellow with Tiny Dot Red, Happy Stripe with Simple Dots Hot Pink, Cupid’s Love White with Subtle Plum)

Stay tuned for a giveaway from Adorn-It on Friday.

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  1. cute! love fat Q projects that are easy to do!

  2. Too cute; I’m a passionate sewer & scrapbooker/card maker…..jack of all trades when it comes to fabric & [good] c.s…..thank you for sharing; your cute models will win hearts forever!

  3. Those are precious!!! She looks just adorable modeling them too. And LOL about the modeling sessions taking longer than the actual project. I usually have to bribe my kids with a small treat. 😉

  4. Oh my heck, those are darling!! Great job!

  5. Oh, God, she really is smiling like an angel!

    The skirts are simply fantastic. And they suit her perfectly.

  6. adorable! the skirts and your daughter! love those fabrics-thanks for sharing-my 6 yr old is so into wearing skirts right now-love how these are so easy!

  7. Holly Baker says

    Love the skirts! I made a skirt for my daughter once. She wore it once. Now, I bargain with her to wear it. I would love to turn these skirts into a simple dress. Any ideas? I guess I could do a pillowcase dress!

  8. Super cute! I don’t know how you find the time to do so many projects and keep up on all your blogging!

  9. I LOVE these skirts you have made. Makes me want to learn to sew. gotta get a sewing machine. I would love to make these for my daughter. Too stinkin’ cute!
    * My 3yr old is the worst and wanting me to photograph her in anything I make.LOL! Photographs with her on on her terms. Gotta love our girls:)

  10. Super cute skirts on super cute girls. Thanks for sharing!

  11. She is so cute! I love the skirts too!

  12. These are so cute. I used to make similar ones for my granddaughter. Beautifully done.

  13. These are so sweet! I love the fabrics and these skirts are so fun to whip together!!

  14. How cute! Too bad my toddler has such long legs… these would be waaaayyy too short for her… maybe a tiered version!

  15. So Sweet! These are the cutest skirts! Absolutely adorable! I had to share them on my CraftBliss Facebook page and link back to you. ~Dee

  16. Such precious skirts and your little gal is adorable!

  17. Thank you so much for sharing this! I just made one as a gift for my niece and it turned out better than I had hoped. Now I’m addicted and am already planning to make two more!

  18. jess burgess says

    Im completely new to sewing and sort of teaching myself, How would I know what length to cut it? Thanks! Jess

  19. Hi, this looks super easy! I am guessing that as my little girl gets bigger, I could just replace the elastic? she’s 19 months so if your little girl is 3, there must be loads of life in it!! xx

    • I am sure you could, as long as their is enough fabric around the top. You might want to consider just making it adjustable then by adding buttons inside the waist.


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