Valentine’s Day Necklace

Valentine’s Day is coming up.   Do you have some pretty jewelry to wear? This is the perfect necklace to change out all month. The beauty of it is that the heart is timeless and you can really wear it year round.So grab those beading supplies and join me as I make an interchangeable Valentine’s day Necklace. Yep I said “interchangeable.”



Silver Headpins (found at Joann Fabrics)

Various beads

round nose pliers

chain pliers

flush cutter (I have a built in one of my pliers)

silver heart (available at Steam Punk Supply on Etsy)

silver chain (available at Steam Punk Supply on Etsy)

chain lobster clasp (available at Steam Punk Supply on Etsy)

1.   Figure out your color scheme and gather various beads in your colors.   Insert a headpin through your bead and make a basic loop with your round nose and chain nose pliers.   Don’t know how to do that?   Here is a video tutorial on how to make basic loops.


2.   Make a bunch of those and then grab a small length of chain.   Open your basic loop and add those to the small length of chain, close your loop with your chain nose pliers.   I added two beads on each larger chain loop and then one in the smaller chain loop.

3.   When you are done adding all of the beads open up the end of the chain and add a lobster clasp onto it.   Now you have one interchangeable cluster of beads.


4.   Grab your heart and add a jump ring and a length of chain onto each side.   I like mine longer so it hangs lower.   My chain is 25” long which allow me to slip it over my head so there is no need to add a clasp.


5.   Now add your lobster clasp onto the bottom of the heart.   When you feel like changing it out then undo the lobster clasp and add a new cluster.



I am a big fan of beaded clusters, however, you can add any drop pendants you want to this necklace.   Since it is interchangeable the sky is the limit.