Upholster a Bench Seat

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I found this piece of furniture about a year ago at a yard sale. It has been sitting at the foot of my bed waiting for its turn in line to be made beautiful.photo(5)It is actually meant to be used as a TV stand for a large television. 


It was made by IKEA, but is no longer in production. It is called Oppli and used to retail for $129.  I found it for $15.  However, it is not solid wood, but rather, laminate pressed board.

But that is okay, I loved the fact that it is sturdy, has wheels, is very wide and has little compartments to put baskets inside.  So what if it is a TV stand?…I can solve that problem 😉

I took out the two media shelves and then I sanded the entire “bench” down with 180 grit sandpaper.  I was very meticulous and got in every crease and crevice. Then I put two coats of primer on it and let it dry overnight. Then I painted it using Dutch Boy’s Refresh Line, in Antique White. I did not paint the top since it was going to be covered in fabric.photo(6)Using my electric knife I cut the foam to size.IMG_0004 IMG_0006Next I covered the foam with some batting to soften the hard-edged corners, then I placed my fabric on top of the batting.  Trying to keep the fabric as straight as possible, I stapled the fabric underneath the top edgeIMG_0007 After I stapled it all around, I trimmed it as close as I possibly could to the staples.IMG_0009 Because this isn’t really made to be a bench and because my son sits on this and watches TV I decided to cover the staples with some trim I had on hand.  I used my hot glue gun to secure the trim in place.IMG_0019 I added some baskets and the box that I covered last week to the three openings.

IMG_0016The striped fabric coordinates with the pillows on the bed.  It is a Waverly Print.  It is part of the Harmony Spa collection. Yes I know I need a headboard…it is on that list I was talking about 😉

IMG_0021 IMG_0015

Now it is the perfect place for my son to watch his morning show because mommy is too lazy to get out of bed and wants another half hour of sleep and have a snack.

IMG_0011 And yes my bed is high…I like being the Princess and the Pea.https://i0.wp.com/www.claudiawolf.com/cwolf_kids_art/princess-and-the-pea.jpg?resize=275%2C400&ssl=1

image from Claudia wolf.com