Update on Training and Questions Answered

Many of you have asked how my training is going for the Bourbon Chase. I have been training for 2 1/2 weeks. The most I have done at one time is 2 miles, so I am still very much in the beginning of training. I have gone 15 miles already. It is hard to imagine that all the miles I ran in the past weeks will all be in one day. Wow! My goal is to run in under a 10 minute mile. I have done 10 runs and 7 of them have been in a sub 10 minute mile. My goal every time I run is just not to stop to walk. If I don’t stop then I am making it in under 10 minutes.

I wouldn’t say I am enjoying it yet. Before I set out I always have this “uggggh” feeling but once I am done I feel good about myself. I am hoping to one day enjoy it like other runner say they do. I have yet to experience an runner’s high. I have felt like my head was going to explode…slightly different I am sure.

I need to get some more running gear and a new pair of shoes. I went to The Running Store and did their treadmill analysis. I kept trying on shoes they recommended but none of them felt magical. I guess I was expecting the shoes to sing the “Hallelujah Chorus” when I tried them on. So I need to keep looking.

Anyone have any ‘get up and dance’ kinda music to recommend for me to download to my Ipod?

Many of you have asked what the name of that fabric is that I used in my family room. I got it from this website. It is part of their Sherry Kiline Art Deco Collection. I called them and ordered some yardage directly from them. They charged me $10/yard. Waaaay worth it to get a perfect match for my pillows.

The name of my bluey-turqoiuse walls is Into the Sea by Dutchboy. I hate Dutchboy paint, plus they don’t have that color anymore so I get it made in Behr satin. Here is the code for it:

Colorant oz 48 96
D Thalo Green 0 16 1
E Thalo Blue 0 17 1
L Raw Umber 1 41 0

I think my next project is going to be to redo my guest bedroom. In your opinion what necessities should be in every guest room (besides a bed and nightstand)?