Organize Your Undies with PVC Pipes….What???

I have an obsession with figuring out new ways to organize things.  I have told you before how I am a huge fan of hidden storage.  I am not a huge knick-nack decorator so having organized jars of things on display just isn’t me.  Hence the reason I spent 4 months last year building my studio cabinets which hides everything.  One of the things that bugged me lately was my mess of an underwear drawer.  I counted 85 pairs of underwear.  So basically I could go 3 months without washing undies and be fine.  85 pairs?!?!?  What in the world!?!?

unorganized underwear drawer

Besides the fact that I am 30 pounds lighter than I was at this time last year and half of them are too big anyway.  So I had a major undie purge fest and then I came up with a plan to keep them organized with 3” PVC pipes.  Adding the pipes to the drawer allowed me also to have room for my bras.  Yes, I only have two sports bras and two regular bras – apparently, I am in the minority.  I talked to a couple of friends who have dozens of bras.  Hmmm….I guess I just spend money on just a few that I love (see my favorites list of February to see my favorite sports bra) and apparently a lot of panties! And showing you my bras and undies might be a little TMI (too much info) but hopefully this idea will help someone with an abundance-of-undies problem.organize those undies with pvc pipes

Dang, I am chatty today!  Okay onto my brilliant organizing idea…pvc pipes and different shades of pink spray paint and I am in organization heaven.


3” PVC pipe (10 feet for $8 at Lowes)

spray primer

spray paint (I used Krylon – Watermelon, Ballet Slipper and Fairy Tale)

chop saw

optional: some clamps and a piece of wood to serve as a guide for cutting

sanding sponge

PVC pipe  glue

1.  My drawer was 4 1/2” tall so I cut my PVC pipes down to 4” in width.  I used a piece of wood and some clamps onto my saw guide to cut my pipes all the same size.  Then I chopped away.

stop block for cutting pvc pipes

cut pvc pipes

2.  Next, I sanded the top edges of the PVC pipes. I didn’t bother with the other side since I knew it would be touching the bottom of the drawer.  Believe me, you will want to sand, especially if you are going to grab underwear from them.  No sharp edges wanted.

sanding the pvc pipe edges

3.  Spray priming isn’t necessary but I always do it for good measure.

4.  With a few light coats, a couple of minutes apart, spray your PVC pipes with different shades of paint.  Of course, spray painting is optional – but seeing the pink pipes in my drawer makes me happy.

pink pvc pipes

5.  Let those dry overnight and then use PVC glue to glue them together.  If you want to glue them to your drawer you can but I didn’t.  I just glued them to each other so the PVC pipe organizer is one unit.  I like the fact that they are removable down the road.

gluing pvc pipe organizers

6.  Add your undies.  I added two pairs of like panty into the same spot.  So I still have 30 pairs – which again, still seems like a lot.  I also was able to put my bras in the drawer since I purged. Boom!

underwear drawer organization

And I know this is weird but seeing all my undies in those little link tubes makes me smile every time.  Yes, I am easily amused. But that is okay, right?

organizing your underwear drawer

So for $8 and a few cans of spray paint I have an organization system that works for me and makes me giggle every time I open the drawer.  I call that a win.

undergarment organization

So tell me how many pairs of undies do you own?  Bras?  Would something like this work for you or am I totally off my rocker?

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