Tree Limb Photo Holder

As part of the bird and branches baby shower I threw for my friend Aimee, I cut up some old tree limbs I found curbside and made them into place card holders that doubled as photo holders after the shower.  I am digging bringing some natural elements into my home lately so I saved a few for myself.

tree limb photo holder


Old Tree Limbs


Circular saw,


pencil and ruler

Every time, for the past 6 months, I drive to my mom’s house, I see this vacant house that has hundreds of limbs cut down and chopped into nice pieces.  I thought for sure people would scavenge them for firewood in the winter months.  But they are still there.  So I drove and grabbed some of the smaller limbs to use as décor for the baby shower.  Free and cheap, love it!

1.  I took some of the thinner limbs (no more than 5” wide) and chopped them down in varying sizes from 2” – 6” with my miter saw.

2.  Next I asked my friend Mike what the best way to cut a small slit in them would be.  He said a circular saw and volunteered to help me with the project.  He set up two clamps to help hold the wood piece in place and created a jig of sorts to cut them.

making a jig to make limb photo holders

3.  He found the center and drew a line to have a line to follow when cutting.

tree limb project

4.  He set his circular saw to have a slight tilt in the blade so the cut would be at an angle.  This makes it easier for the pictures to rest in the cut.

tree limb photo holders

5.  In 30 minutes he had cut all 25 of them for me.

wood photo holder

I simply added a place card and the slight angle of the cut made them rest in the cut perfectly.

wood place card holders

wood place card holder

After the shower they make adorable picture holders.  These would make an awesome FREE gift as well.

tree limb photo holder

Home Printable found on Eighteen25