Top 5 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Beckie

This is Mr. Infarrantly Creative (AKA Tim). Beckie is asleep and I hacked into her blog to post this as a surprise to her…Enjoy! Five years ago today my wife wrote these words on her new blog for the first time.


“I have no idea whether I will like this or not. I am not much of a writer. I have never seen myself as any good at it. But we will see. Today is a ho-hum day. I am refinishing my bedroom furniture. Why you say? Because I am cheap…“


What started out as a fun way to keep in touch with family and friends has morphed into this crazy life where she inspires people like you all around the world every day. I know most of you only interact with Beckie through blog posts, facebook comments, and the occasional e-mail, so I wanted to share with each of you my Top 5 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Beckie on her blog’s 5 year anniversary …


 5. She cares deeply for people on an individual level

Beckie is one of the most compassionate, caring people I know. Sometimes it’s hidden behind her crazy, fun, passionate personality, but she is just a giant softy at heart. She loves to make someone’s day, bring a smile to your face, or walk alongside of someone who is hurting. Even though she has 14,000 of you as “friends” on Facebook and over a million page views a month, I want you to know that she sees each person who comments on a post or wins a giveaway as a real person who she genuinely cares about.


4. She really is addicted to other people’s trash

It’s very normal to be driving in a car with Beckie, see a pile of trash outside of someone’s home, and have the car mysteriously slow down to look over the pile before driving past. I’m pretty sure if Beckie got a ticket for every illegal U-turn she’s made to go back and look at a pile of stuff on the side of the road we could fund a small country. It’s so bad that the neighbors in our court don’t even take their old stuff to the street anymore they just deliver it straight to our house for Beckie…I’m not even joking about that…it really happens.


3. She loves God, then her family, then her blogs

Balancing this crazy life of constantly feeling the pressure to come up with new projects, returning 100’s of e-mails, keep innovating, navigate relationships with companies, and not get overwhelmed can be a challenge. But Beckie is committed to keeping her priorities in order and always open to conversations about how to keep them in the proper place. She gets more done in a day than I can get done in a week, she is the best multi-tasker I know, and she’s willing to say no to good opportunities if it will cause her life to stray from the things that are most important to her (God & family).


2. She is the funnest person I know

The passionate, energetic, never a dull moment, life of the party, squeeze the most out of every minute person that Beckie portrays on this blog is the same person she is in real life. She is always up for an adventure and my favorite person, in the world, to hang-out with. We’ve had more crazy experiences and laughed about more things than I can even begin to tell you about. She truly loves life and I’m sure that’s what draws so many of you to her.


1. She is inspired when she inspires someone else

You have NO IDEA how much you inspire Beckie when you let her know how she has inspired you. She loves to create something, teach it to you and have you be inspired to create it yourselves. She gets SO EXCITED to share with me when one of you takes something she did and create it yourself. And I have listened to numerous stories about how her life story or experiences have inspired, encouraged, and challenged you. Those moments truly inspire her to keep going and giving back to you.


If Beckie has inspired you over the past 5 years take a minute and leave her a comment to let her know. Let’s make this a special 5 year anniversary for her!


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