Top 5 Craft Products I Saw at CHA: Mod Melts

Last week I was in Anaheim for the annual Craft & Hobby Association winter tradeshow in Anaheim, California.  I look forward each year to taking in some California sun and enjoying the warm weather.  Of course this year they had record setting low temperatures and it was freezing.  DANG!  It was warmer in Indiana that week.  Boo!  However, I enjoyed hanging out with some fantastic bloggers, seeing the industry leaders, and checking out some cool crafty ideas.


I am going to showcase a few of the products I was excited about.  One was the Mod Melts and Mod Molds from Cathie Fillian and Steve Paicenza for Plaid Enterprises.  You might remember them from the show Creative Juice.  They are craft industry leaders and really have forged the way for bloggers like me to do what I do.


They are coming out with a new product called Mod Melts and Mod Molds.  The Mod Melts can be put in an high temp glue gun and squeezed into the Mod Molds to create embellishments.  Gone are the days when you buy a pack of 4 embellishments for $5.  Now you can make and design your own.  I got to catch up with Steve at the booth and he showed me how they work.


Many of you asked if Craft Wars was going to have another season.  The answer is no.  But the good news is that it paved the way for another creative show to begin at the end of this year.  Cathie & Steve are working hard behind to scenes to make this happen and it is going to be big and give creative people a chance to shine.  I am chomping at the bit to get more information about it and will let you know when I do!

So what do you think of this product?