Tim + Beckie + A Cabin in the Woods – Responsibility=


Yes I am alive. I was just enjoying a few uninterrupted, unscheduled, and much needed restful moments with my hubby in a cabin in North Goergia. We dropped Isaac off at his Grandpa & Grandma Farrant’s house and headed for the hills. We stayed in Helen, GA in a cute, little 1b/1ba cabin in the woods. Thank you Joyce! On Day 1 we miniature golfed (I lost by 2 strokes), and then set out for Unicoi Park. We found this beach which I am sure is crawling with activity on the weekends. But on a Tuesday in the middle of May it was just Tim and me lapping up the sun (as much as a red-headed, fair-skinned, lathered with SPF gal can).

Of course before Tim can rest he had to find a little adventure. So he set off for a trail to who knows where. In what appeared to be solid ground was not so solid and he came back with muddy feet.

I layed out a blanket and started reading and relaxing and then I saw a bevy of beauties several yards away. It must be prime butterfly season in Helen because I have never seen so many in my entire life. What a treat!

After reading we played a new game I just ordered from Amazon called Quiddler. It is similar to Scrabble but shorter, with cards, and you don’t need to have studied the dictionary to win. I think we played about 5 times and I won about 5 times. 🙂

Then we headed to a little bar & grill on the river and grubbed on some burgers and fries. Oh and wrote our names in the wood…yes it is legal to do.

And that was just day 1. Stayed tuned for some more meaningful moments with the Farrants.