How to Upholster an Antique Chair

For those of you who have been IC fans for a while you remember back in September when I got this chair at a Salvation Army store for $20 for my guest room.


I refabbed her and she came out looking like this…


I wasn’t thrilled with the Heirloom White frame so I went crazy bold to this…


Some of you loved Miss Berry Pink and some of you loathed it.  Since the girly pink room which Miss Berry Pink used to reside is now occupied by a teenage boy we had to find a new home for her.  The only fit was the gameroom.  So she needed another refab.  Not that I mind 😉

I decided this was going be my “chair.”  I went to a church service at Willow Creek (awesome church in the Chicagoland area) and the pastor Bill Hybels encouraged us to find “our chair,” where we would spend time daily reading and praying.  I needed to find a spot in our home that was mine to take time out of my day for that.  This chair now sits right by a window and in the morning it is the perfect space to quiet my soul.


I used the same drop cloth fabric that I used here for the curtains.  I embroidered the “F” on the back and added black piping around all the edges. 



And if you were not sold on it yet what is not to love?


So what do you like the best refab #1, refab #2 or Kayla refab #3?