Tangled Birthday Party

My little girl turned four on Saturday.  I can hardly believe she is 4 already.  Some of you have been around here long enough to remember when she was born.  I know the move Tangled is so 2010 but Kayla is still way into it.  So I again hit up Debbie from Wants & Wishes Design and used her Printable Rapunzel Tangled/Princess Collection party.  I am a huge fan of printable parties.  It is so much cheaper and easier than trying to figure out décor items myself.  Plus well designed printables make any party food look adorable!


After making all the sweets for Isaac’s 6th Lego Ninjago birthday party I got smart and spent $16 at Kroger for 12 cupcakes and a cake.  It was so worth every penny to me to not have the stress of decorating a cake.


One of my favorite details of the party is adding some ring pops to an old jewelry gift box.  So cute!


Besides cake and icecream they had apples (Maximus’s munch) and Princess Pretzel Wands made with the Wilton Princess Pretzel Mold and Wilton Pink Candy Melts and Lavender.  I also used the rest of the candy melts to make the candied popcorn.


Of course course we can’t have a party at the Farrant house without a paperbag pinata. Not only does it only cost a couple of bucks, by kids are so accustomed to them they’d be sorely disappointed to not have one.  I have a feeling I am going to be making these even when they are an adult. I used the leftover ruffles from my Ruffled Streamer Wreath.



Since the kids were plenty sugared up I sent them home with a little stretchy bracelet I had made for each of them.  I used the bags from the Party by Amy Locurto line from American Crafts tied with a sheer ribbon and the thank you printable from the Wants and Wishes Collection.


The party princesses were very pleased.


Thank you to Debbie at Wants and Wishes Design for providing the printables to make this party perfect.