5 Ways to Get This Look: Summer Color Living Room

As the days get warmer, I’m drawn more and more to the kind of colors that decorate beach towels and umbrellas. Sun-drenched rooms have the light to be able to handle saturated colors. This room by Holly Hollingsworth Phillips of The English Room was featured at House of Turquoise. It’s a good example of how a room with great natural light can support a bright, busy mix of color and pattern. Check out the tutorials I found for DIYing several elements of this inspiration room.

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5 Ways to Get This Look: Pretty Book Nook

It’s no secret that shelving has been on my brain, lately.   While I chose to keep my shelving behind closed doors in my new studio , I can appreciate a gorgeously styled, open shelf when I see one.  So I was drawn to this sophisticated reading/dining nook by designer Marika Meyer, featured at Georgica Pond.  I had to see if I could find some DIY tips out there for recreating some of the elements of this pretty nook.

Numbered Inspiration Pic

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