5 Ways to Get This Look: White Country Kitchen

Many of the neat details in this kitchen could be implemented in your kitchen–without an expensive designer price tag.  I’ve found five bloggers who DIYed similar elements in their own kitchens, and they’ve got the tutorials to prove it!  Check out these 5 Ways to Get a White Country Kitchen:

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5 Ways to Get This Look: Dreamy White Farmhouse Kitchen

Today I’d like to share an inspiration photo with you that is one of those completely out of reach dream kitchens.  It comes from Better Homes & Gardens, and I’ve been seeing it all over Pinterest lately.  When I say out of reach, I should probably clarify that it looks completely out of reach for someone doing a kitchen design on a budget like mine.  But, guess what?  Kitchens like this can provide excellent guidelines for figuring out your style.  I’ve found 5 tutorials for elements of this kitchen that you can use to recreate this style in your own home.

Inspiration Photo numbered

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5 Ways to Get This Look: Bright Farmhouse Kitchen

I keep seeing this pretty kitchen from Midwest Living pop up on Pinterest.  What is it that makes this kitchen so popular?  The crisp, white cabinetry is right on trend and the open shelves displaying pretty dishes and jars are classic farmhouse.  Those orange stools are a fun pop of color that really takes what could be a run-of-the-mill country kitchen to a whole new level of fun design.  I challenged myself to find at least five tutorials for projects that might help me replicate the look of this room.

Midwest Living kitchen view

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