5 Ways to Get (And Stay!) Healthy

I read somewhere that March is the time when most of the people who set fitness/weight loss goals in January fall off the wagon. Let’s not! I want to keep this momentum going, and I’ve found some fantastic resources out there in blogland that are inspiring me and giving me the tools to stick with it. If you’ve set some goals to get healthy and you are running out of steam, let the following links help you get back in gear. Check out these 5 Ways to Get (and Stay) Healthy.

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Weight Loss Accountability Tools

My name is Beckie and I am a yo-yo dieter.  Now there are a lot of things I would love to change about myself.  At the top of the list has got to be my love/hate relationship with food. Ever since I hit my mid twenties I have either been dieting or gaining.  Throw in two babies in the mix and it has been a BATTLE!  I have been working hard in 2013 to get down to my goal weight of 150 (I am 5’ 8”). 



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