Trash Can Fresh Flower Door Vase

Well, hello there again!  It’s Carmel from Our Fifth House, and I’m back today to share a true trash to treasure story. As in I literally turned a trash can……..into something I truly treasure! I’ve been wanting a door bucket that could hold water for fresh clippings and flowers for a really long time.   While I was shopping at Target one day a trash can caught my eye because it had the perfect side handles that would allow me to loop a piece of rope through in order to hang it on the door.


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Chevron Trash Can

I admit I am a late blomer when it comes to trends.  Most of the time it takes a while for me to warm up to a new idea.  Then by the time I love it the fad is over.  So I am finally jumping on the chevron bandwagon…about 6 months late.  I decided a {…Read More…}