DIY Scrabble Tiles

Looking for a personalized and inexpensive Christmas gift?  These are so simple and cost effective you can make them for your neighbors or co-workers.  I am a big word nerd and so is my mom.  Growing up, she would kick my tail at Scrabble all the time.  It never made me give up though, and to this day, I love any word game – even though my hubby won’t play with me because he loses.  🙂

DIY wood scrabble tiles

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5 Ways to Play Board Games Outdoors

While board games are usually saved for a rainy day, these games let you enjoy the beautiful outdoors and the thrill of competition with family and friends.  With the temperatures in the 70s around here it is the perfect weather to be outside enjoying up the fall weather before winter hits in the Midwest. And {…Read More…}