Post-it Note Family Encouragement Boards

Greetings friends! Today I put together a quick project to help your family encourage one another.  While you may be good at affirming your kids, most siblings are not good at encouraging one another.  This idea makes it fun because what kid doesn’t like getting notes?  Now you don’t need to use clipboards for this project, you could use wood boards or something.  But at $1.00 a board it was pretty cost effective and has a built in hangar at the top so I went with it.




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Paint Chip Purse

Hello friends.   I created a little video for you today making some Paint Chip Purse Notepads.   They make a nice little gift to tell someone you were thinking of them.   They are made out of recycled paint chips so they are very cheap to make. If you don’t want to use paint {…Read More…}