5 Ways to Get This Look: Farmhouse Style Staircase

 This season, I find that I’m really drawn to rooms that are full of texture.  That’s one of the reasons that this shot of staircase by Jason Donnelly Photography stopped me in my tracks.  I’m excited to share all of the tutorials I found online (see below) that can help you put together a similar look in your own home.

Jason Donelly Photographer mudroom

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Planked and 2’x4’ Shelved Feature Wall

On July 19th I entered a 30-day challenge to redo Isaac’s room with HGTV Home Fabric from Joann Fabrics.  Before I can start working with the fabric I had to set the stage.  I have big plans and completed my feature wall this week.  Originally inspired by the “wonder wall” from The Lettered Cottage, I set out to recreate the look for my son’s room with building supplies from Lowes.  

planked and shelved 2 by 4

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