5 Ways to Get This Look: Blue Office

Work got you down? Singing the office blues? Well, if you work at home, maybe it’s time to stop singing the blues and start painting your office….in shades of blue! I recently read that people are more productive in blue rooms. So if you want to get more done in less time, I suggest taking cues from this beautiful office designed by JLV Creative. Take a look at the five different tutorials I’ve found to get the look of this pretty blue office for less.

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5 Ways to Get This Look: Pretty Sitting Room

You guys, I think I’m in love…..with A ROOM.  This room, a beautifully decorated sitting room in the home of Katelyn James.  Katelyn is a photographer, and her artist’s eye for color and design really shows in this room that she decorated herself.  I can appreciate the fact that this room doesn’t have to be full of furniture to make a style statement.  It’s simply a beautiful room.


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5 Ways to Get This Look: Simple Living Room

So, this week’s “Get the Look for Less” post comes by way of an unusual source:  Instagram!  Camille Roskelley is an amazing fabric designer and talented quilter who  posted a few changes to her living room on Instagram.   I was struck with the beautiful simplicity of this room.  If you want to DIY a similar look, I’ve found some terrific tutorials for you.  Read on to learn 5 Ways to Get a Simple Living Room.Camille Roskelley Simple Living Room with text


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