5 Ways to Get This Look: Simple Shared Bedroom

I discovered this adorable bedroom featured at House of Turquoise, in a home designed by Nancy Twomey and Jamie Salomon.  The thing about this room that really intrigued me is that it is a shared room.  Smart design choices give this room flexibility and staying power.  I found some great tutorials and ideas from other bloggers that can help you create a similar room without the designer price tag.

House of Turquoise shared bedroom numbered

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5 Ways to Get This Look: Formal Living Room

I like to keep the decor in my home fairly casual and kid-friendly, but I have to admit to dreaming just a little bit about rooms like this one.  I kinda love all that beautiful trim work, the eclectic yet elegant furnishings, and the fun punches of color.  This is a beautiful room that manages to look formal without feeling fussy or unapproachable.   I’m confident you can get this look for less.  Check out the DIY tutorials I found to replicate 5 elements of this room.

White and Green Living Room numbered

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