Paint Stir Stick Projects

Paint sticks come free when you purchase a gallon or a 5-gallon bucket of paint at any home improvement store.  If you can’t grab some for free you can always purchase 1/2″ x 2 strips of pine in the lumbar section, as well, which is comparable to the 5-gallon stir sticks you get at the {…Read More…}

DIY Herringbone Dresser made with Paint Sticks

Hello and Happy Monday to you.  I am slowly making progress on my new house.  The carpet is being installed in our family room today (I ripped up laminate flooring to do it) which will make it so much more cozy for our family.  The Air Stone fireplace is done (see Instagram for a picture) {…Read More…}

Indiana Love Sign {Paint Stick Project}

Back in September I hosted a State Pride Tour with a bunch of other DIY bloggers.  It was seriously so much fun creating a project that culminates the place you call home.  I decided to tackle another Indiana project that honors Indiana farming.  One of the main crops in Indiana is soybeans.  In fact Indiana ranks 4th overall in soybean production.  Did you know that Plaid makes Soy paint?  My guess is – many of those beans came right here from my great state.

Indiana state sign DIY

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HomeRight Paint Sticks

Painting a room is probably one of my least favorite things to do when it comes to DIY projects.  It is just so monotonous and usually, in my case, messy.  I am always looking for ways to make it more efficient and cleaner.  Of course, a high quality paint goes a long way in making it easier.  However, I have found a tool that makes the rolling go faster.  Painters will tell you that dipping the roller back into the rolling tray is about 1/3 of your time.  What if you could eliminate the back and forth?  Well HomeRight has come up with a handy dandy invention to do just that.


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