5 Ways to Make a Homework Station

A friend told me that one school year, the first homework assignment given to one of her children was to create a “homework station.” The teacher sent home a list of requirements, and required the children to make a poster with pictures of the homework station they created and write a report about it! While that may be a little over the top, the concept of a homework station is a good one. I found a wide range of ways that creative do-it-yourselfers have incorporated this idea into their family homes. Check out these 5 Ways to Make a Homework Station.

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5 Ways to Get This Look: Blue Office

Work got you down? Singing the office blues? Well, if you work at home, maybe it’s time to stop singing the blues and start painting your office….in shades of blue! I recently read that people are more productive in blue rooms. So if you want to get more done in less time, I suggest taking cues from this beautiful office designed by JLV Creative. Take a look at the five different tutorials I’ve found to get the look of this pretty blue office for less.

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5 Ways to Get This Look: Colorful Office

I know I’ve said it already, but I am so grateful to have my very own studio where I can craft and create.  I highly recommend taking a look at your home with fresh eyes, and try to find a spot–even a small one–to become your own creative space.   For a little extra incentive to do so, check out this funky yet lovely office that I found at House of Turquoise by Olive Interiors.  I love the way the pale walls and desks in this room serve as a clean canvas for the color drenched accessories.  Check out all the ways you can get energized look of this office for less.

House of Turquoise office inspiration numbered

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Office Supply Organization

I never would have thought to give the gift of organization to someone.   What a great idea!   It is always a struggle, especially for young kids to keep themselves and their art supplies organized.   Why not make up a personalized space for them to keep their supplies?   Join Myra from My {…Read More…}