DIY Hair Detangler and Chlorine Protectant

Hey, everyone! I wanted to share an awesome DIY hair tip with you! I used to have the WORST summer hair!  I thought I could treat it like a 5-year-old and it would still be lush and beautiful.  You know…swim all day and then throw it back in a ponytail and call it a day {…Read More…}

Why doTERRA?

Hey, everyone! I wanted to share this for anyone who is considering doTERRA and overwhelmed with all of the essential oil choices floating around in the world right now. You can read more of my story about why my family personally chooses to use doTERRA here: My Daughter’s Health Story When Traditonal Medicine Let us {…Read More…}

My Daughter’s Health Part 4

If you are just beginning this story you can start with the first installment here.  I left you last week with a weird growth on my daughter’s face that we had just had surgically removed (this is in February of this year 2013).  Within three weeks and $2200 later the growth was back.  I was so frustrated, discouraged, and I will admit- a little fearful of what the next step was going to be.  Having just been told that they wanted to repeat the same surgery, but in addition to that, have her come in 4-6 times in the next 6 weeks to get a steroid shot in that area I was a little freaked.  Here is where we were…


{…Read More…}