Anthropologie Blend All Purpose Cleaner

I love experimenting with new scents in my diffuser.  But so far, my all time favorite diffuser blend is the Anthropologie Blend that I found on Pinterest about 6 months ago.  It is 3 drops of doTERRA grapefruit, 2 drops of doTERRRA Douglas Fir and 2 drops of Citrus Bliss.  It smells heavenly…a little bit {…Read More…}

Why doTERRA?

Hey, everyone! I wanted to share this for anyone who is considering doTERRA and overwhelmed with all of the essential oil choices floating around in the world right now. You can read more of my story about why my family personally chooses to use doTERRA here: My Daughter’s Health Story When Traditonal Medicine Let us {…Read More…}

My Daughter’s Health Part 5

If you landed on this post and haven’t read the other posts about our struggles with our 4 year old daughter’s health begin here. So like I said in my last post, Kayla’s nose was healing amazingly well with the Dotera frankincense oil straight on the area three times a day. (see above pictures – that is her all healed up!) So I asked Amy if she has any oils to help with Kayla’s allergies.  So we tried lemon and lavender for a few days.  



{…Read More…}