BLACK+DECKER Pivot Vac – the Best Handheld Vacuum

I am a firm believer in teaching the kids that as part of the family they have jobs to keep our home running smoothly.  Some of these job are family contributions – things they have to do simply as part of the family.  Then there are things they get to do (called chores) that they do to earn money.  I pay my kiddos half their age each week.  So since Kayla is 5 she makes $2.50 each week and Isaac makes $3.50 ($4 in a couple of weeks when he turns 8!).  In addition to collecting the shoes and putting them back at the end of the day, setting the table, and straightening the pillows on the couch each day Kayla has to vacuum the kitchen floor.  To make her job easier we bought her a BLACK + DECKER Pivot Vac.


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