Art Supplies Caddy

While I love having all of my craft supplies hidden behind these amazing cabinets I built, one thing I have noticed is that, for my kids, if the art supplies are out in the open they are more apt to jump in and create.  A couple of years ago Julie from Angry Julie Monday made a cute art caddy out of IKEA supplies.  It has been on my to-do list forever but my kids never really had a dedicated art spot until my studio was created.


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Upcycled DIY Wine Crate Art Caddy

I love finding news uses for items people normally throw away.  Wood wine crates have endless possibilities for the DIYer.  A little paint or stain and you have a new-to-you organization system.  This month, Destiny from A Place for Us, decided to finally tackle that old wine crate in her garage and turn it into an art caddy for her kiddos.


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Office Supply Organization

I never would have thought to give the gift of organization to someone.   What a great idea!   It is always a struggle, especially for young kids to keep themselves and their art supplies organized.   Why not make up a personalized space for them to keep their supplies?   Join Myra from My {…Read More…}