T-shirt Shirt Sleeve Pouches

If you have ever upcycled old t-shirts you always get to the sleeves and wonder what to do with them.  Many people just toss them and don’t think twice about them I suppose.  But because I am a hoarder die-hard DIYER I have saved the sleeves.  The piles are adding up with all the tee shirt upcycles I have done recently.  Many times I use them as throw away rags to apply stain or to clean up paint.  However, I figured out a better use for them.  POUCHES!  And they couldn’t be easier to make.

t-shirt sleeve pouches


T-shirt sleeves

T-shirt yarn


Sewing machine with coordinating thread

Safety Pin

Optional: Rotary cutter and mat

1.  Take your t-shirt sleeve and cut them into a rectangle being careful not to cut the hem off.

upcycled tshirt pouches

tshirt upcycling

2.  With right sides together sew the two cut sides.  The other side is on a fold and the other side is your hem.

upcycled tshirt bag

tee shirt bag

3.  The hem of the sleeve forms a nice casing for your tee shirt yarn to go through to make a drawstring. Turn it right side out and cut two small slits in the side of the hemmed part of the sleeve that you just sewed.

upcycled tee shirt bag

tee shirt pouch

4.  With a safety pin or a large needle thread your t-shirt yarn through and out the other slit.

upcycled tee shirt pouch

tee shirt pouch bag

These pouches are great for Legos, game pieces, Barbie shoes, puzzle pieces, crayons, or any other little treasures around your house.  Based on the size of the tee shirt determines your bag size.

tee shirt pouches done

We have used them to store all of the game pieces for our kids’ games and it has been great way to keep the pieces from getting lost.

game piece pouch

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