Subway Art Address Sign

I got reallllllly familiar with the digital vinyl cutting feature on my machine this week.   I created a Subway art of all the places my husband and I have lived as a married couple.


Do you know what I have discovered?   WE HAVE MOVED TOO MANY TIMES…and this is the longest we have stayed in one house (2 1/2 years).

I used Silhouette’s software to design all the words.   I used Arial and Arial Black.   And then I just stretched them to fit the space I needed them to, which made it look like I used all different fonts.   It became a puzzle, but was soooo fun.   I want to do another one ASAP

Of course it wouldn’t have the IC spin on it if it first didn’t begin as Roadkill Rescue.   I was driving to my mom’s house when I saw this sign sitting curbside.   On my way home I grabbed the dirty, dingy sign (while my husband was once again rolling his eyes at me).


When I got it home I stripped off the old paint and sanded the whole thing smooth.   I primed it and then sprayed painted it in an espresso color.

I decided to turn it on its side.   I know it isn’t symmetrical but I think it adds to the funkiness of the piece.

Then I got to work hanging out with my new BFF machine cutting and sticking.


It ended up looking like this but it was too stark and dark for me.   I know some of you are dying that I painted it and like it like this.   But it is my house…mwwwwaaahaha.


I painted the frame (Dutch Boy Lake Champlain) aqua to complement my master bedroom color scheme.   Then I took 100 grit sandpaper and sanded off a lot of the paint.


Using small screws and wire I attached a hanging thingamabob on the back.   I love that the sign was two-sided so I can still remember where I got the sign from in the first place.


Then I hung it in place.



And now I am going to take a break on my master bedroom for a while.   It is finally at a spot that makes me say, “Ahhhhhhh!”

Subway Art