Studio Desk Chair Refab

This was the beauty I was using at my new desk in my studio and it just wasn’t rightto have next to my COOL REFABBED DESK. I have been looking for weeks now to find a chair at a yard sale. It is a lot harder than you’d think to find a single chair. But I found one.

I paid $5 for this, which I thought was steep considering I paid $5 for the desk. But I did talk her down from $10 so I felt good about it. I wanted something with a cushion I could recover but this will do. It is sturdy, wood, and was in my budget.

It looks better even with primer on it doesn’t it? Should I leave it that way? NAAAAAAAH!

Holy moley! An orchid colored CHAIR. Oooh-la-la! It looks fun in the room and ties in with the decoupaged paper on the desk.

I know, I know the filing cabinet has to go. That is next on my list, no worries.