Studio Cabinet Reveal

The moment you I have been waiting for is finally here.  After 2 1/2 long months of building in between bed times, meal times, basketball games, church obligations and a 2 week stint of influenza A my studio cabinets are finally done.  And I can’t tell you how utterly amazed I am that Sandra and I actually pulled this off!

But guess what?  You will have to go to her house to see the full reveal.  But I will give you a sneak peek here…because I am nice like that.

d lawless hardware bar pulls

Do you love the bar pulls or what?  I have told you before about my obsession love for D. Lawless Hardware.  8” Bars like this usually run $10 – $15.  On D. Lawless they are $2.21.  Dude that is cheaper than IKEA.  And let me tell you, these are some good looking, high quality pulls.

I also ordered all my hinges from there as well.  I was nervous about mortising the hinges if I chose a European style hinge so we used these instead.  Again the cheapest I have seen these for is about $3.50 each when you buy them in a pack of 10.  D. Lawless Hardware has them for $1.44!  You do have to buy screws with this one but it still makes it the least expensive option out there.

d lawless hardware hinges

Because the doors are so tall (80”) I had to install catches at the top as well.  I got them at D. Lawless Hardware for $.18 each.  Again, I did have to purchase screws though.

d lawless hardware catches

Okay this is the last picture you are getting from me.  Look at all that hidden storage.  {Squuueeealll!}  I can’t wait for moving day! I will see you over on Sawdust Girl for the full reveal.  It is worth the click, you won’t be disappointed!

inside cabinet


Continue to follow along here on IC.  I will have a whole week of studio details posts in the coming weeks.  I am thisclose to being completely done!