Roadkill Rescue: Step Stool Refab


I have a confession to make, (since I haven’t nearly told you enough about myself 😉 I am a trash picker. Yes I admit it. I am no longer ashamed. At the end of the month when we have large item collection day I get all giddy on Monday night. Now before you think I am totally nasty let me clarify… I do not go into people’s trash cans, I merely peruse the large items they have next to the trash cans. So Tuesday morning before I take Isaac to preschool I drive slowwwwwwly around my neighborhood to see if anyone’s trash can be my treasure.

Case in point… I found this step stool a couple of months ago. Tell me people, because I certainly do not understand it…why would someone throw away a perfectly good step stool? I reckon it looks like trash but it still works. Do you really need a pretty step stool? For goodness sakes you get it out maybe once a week to reach a high item! So it is ugly…must you dare throw it away?


Isaac wanted to be in the picture…

I ripped off the old pads and took some steel wool to her (do you notice all my projects are female…I wonder what would constitute a male project?)

I used the old pads as a template. Then I took some cardboard (Thank you Papa John’s pizza box!), some leftover fabric from this and some padding and stapled her together.

There was some silver spray paint that I found for $.25 at a yard sale last year in my garage. So she got a good spray down. I was not particularly excited about silver but 1) the item was free and purchasing more spray paint would not make it free anymore 2) it is a step stool for goodness sakes it doesn’t need to be a show piece!

Using a little Liquid Nails I glued the new upholstered pads on.

She cleans up well dontcha think?