Stenciled Monogram–{Somewhat Simple}

It seems like everyone likes to see something with their name, initial or monogram on it. So creating a custom monogram is a gift I would think would be perfect for neighbors, friends, teachers, mailmen or family. So grab a prefabbed letter and a stencil and getting creating with Stephanie from Somewhat Simple.
stenciled monogram
I’m Stephanie, from Somewhat Simple and the gift idea I am going to share with you today is SO easy to create! You can customize this idea to match anyone’s home, and because it is also very affordable it can be made for everyone on your list!
All you need are the following supplies:
stenciled monogram

1. Paint: The color I used is from Martha Stewart and it is called "Surf".

2. Ready-Made Stencil (Unless you want it a solid color or if you are good at free-handing, which I am not!)
3. Roller Attachment or Paintbrush
4. Wood monogram: You can get these for $2 or $3 at Michaels or Hobby Lobby 5. Masking Tape
6. Ribbon
Creating this is EASY!
Tape down your stencil, paint your monogram, let it dry, pull off your stencil and admire your work!
stenciled monogram
stenciled monogram
When you are done, you can add a ribbon to embellish it just a bit if you’d like.
stenciled monogram
And that is it!
Merry Christmas everyone!!!