Stamped Spoon Ornaments

I try and make one unique ornament commemorating my kids each year.   Last year I did another silhouette one framed in a small embroidery hoop.   I still love silhouettes so I did it again, this time on a spoon. Cheap Dollar Tree spoons are the perfect beginning project to try out metal stamping.   You can stamp any message into the spoon or take it a step further with a silhouette spoon ornament with a hand stamped name.

spoon ornaments

spoon ornaments_15

I went on my local Indy Style show and demo’d this process if you would like to watch me live.


Dollar Tree Teaspoons (2 for $1)

Heavy Hammer


Alphabet Metal Stamp Set (I got mine from Beaducation)

Black Sharpie

Vinyl with Silhouette Cameo (optional)

Metal polish with soft cloth

1.   Dollar Tree has a couple of different patterns of teaspoons.   Grab whichever one you like.


2.   Using a heavy hammer press your stamp firmly into the spoon and hit the stamp hard (no more than twice) onto your anvil. For a video tutorial on metal stamping checking out Beaducation’s Free video classes.


3.   Once your message is stamped in draw over the writing with a black Sharpie marker.   With a soft cloth and metal polish buff the spoons shiny.   The black Sharpie will stay in the stamp and give it more definition.

4.   Using brut force (it isn’t hard, I promise) bend your spoon at the neck.   Tie a ribbon around the neck and hang it on your tree.

spoon ornaments_23

5.   Optional — using your Silhouette Cameo machine cut out a silhouette of your child with vinyl and then stick it onto your spoon.   It is a great way to freeze a moment in time.

spoon ornaments_1

spoon ornaments_11

spoon ornaments_15

Super cheap, super cute, and super easy, my kind of ornament!   So have you made any ornaments this year?   Leave your links I would love to feature some on Facebook Page.