St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

Today I thought I would highlight a few St. Patrick’s Day crafts from the past to get you inspired!  I am not one to even remember to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, which is a total knock to my Irish dad who wears green, goes to an Irish Pub, and sends me a Happy St. Patrick’s Day card every year. #irishdaughterfail However, the kids get into it and I have done a few projects in the past when my Irish heritage convicted me of my lack of spirit.  🙂

St. Patricks Day DIY Crafts, Kiss Me I'm Irish, Countdown to St. Patrick's Day

This little box is deceiving.  It looks big in pictures but all it has inside of it is one sole Hershey Kiss.  This would be a darling little gift to give co-workers.

Kiss Me I’m Irish Hershey Kiss Box

kiss me i'm irish box_thumb

Speaking of Hershey Kisses…here is my St. Patrick’s Day Hershey Kiss Countdown board.

hershey kss saint patricks day board

Here is my “lucky” pillow complete with a lucky penny button.

luckypillow (3)_thumb[4]

One of my contributors from 2012 Brook, from Being Brook, made this adorable St. Patrick’sDay ruffle shirt for her daughter.

saint patricks day shirt

Do you wear green on St. Patrick’s Day or is it just another day for you?