Spring Projects in Full Effect #1

I have mentioned before my love of all things project-y. Well I have been anxiously waiting for Spring to start my projects. I needed nice weather so that I could do the following projects:

1. Organize the garage
2. Refinish my bedroom mirror to match the set I refinished last summer
3. Refinish the hope chest my father-in-law made me when Tim and I were dating
4. Refinish my kitchen table (it got damaged in the move from the Northwest).
5. Re-paint a toy chest that I got for FREE!

So this week haas been GORGEOUS and in the high 60’s. I would say my perfect day would be 70 degrees, sunny with a slight breeze, and the smell of blooming flowers in the air. It is just warm enough to wear shorts but still cool enough to wear pants. So the minute it warmed up I started my projects.


We moved in this house a week before Christmas and it was snowing and FREEZING. So we just moved in and all winter have just thrown things in our third car garage. It began looking like this….

Here’s Isaac being Vanna for me. It was driving me crazy. I couldn’t find ANYTHING and it was all just piles of random stuff.

So a few shelf units later, a trip to the dump, some storage bins and one shop vac and we have some semblance of organization. YAH BABY! Now I know were everything is!

This side is still not perfected. We are unsure if we are going to build shelves or what. But there is a nice little walkway for Isaac and I to get our bikes out.

It took two days to finish but it was worth it. I think I am on to the toy bin next since it won’t take long…

I am not into Pooh (no offense for those of you who love the honey-luvin bear), but I am into FREE and redecorating. I will post pics when I have a vision and finish it.